9/10/2023: Asbjørn Bækgaard Lauritsen @ UniMi

October 9, 2023 - 11:15
Sala di Rappresentanza
Mathematics Department, University of Milan
Via Cesare Saldini 50, Milano, Italy

SPEAKER: Asbjørn Bækgaard Lauritsen (IST Austria)

Ground state energy and pressure of a dilute spin-polarized Fermi gas

Recently the study of dilute quantum gases have received much interest, in particular regarding their ground state energies and pressures/free energies at positive temperature. I will present recent work on such problems. Namely that of the ground state energy of a spin-polarized Fermi gas and the extension to the pressure at positive temperature. Compared to the free gas, the energy density/pressure of the interacting gas differs by a term of order a^3 \rho^{8/3} with a the p-wave scattering length of the interaction. One of the main ingredients in the proofs is a rigorous version of a formal cluster expansion of Gaudin, Gillespie and Ripka (Nucl. Phys. A, 176.2 (1971), pp. 237-260). I will discuss this expansion and the analysis of its absolute convergence.

Joint work with Robert Seiringer.