16/5/2022: Robin Reuvers @ UniMi

May 16, 2022, 16:30 (non-standard time)
Sala di Rappresentanza
Mathematics Department, University of Milan
Via Cesare Saldini 50, Milano, Italy

SPEAKER: Robin Reuvers (U Roma Tre)

Ground state energy of dilute Bose gases in 1D

In 1963, Lieb and Liniger formulated an exactly solvable model for interacting bosons in 1D. Thanks to its exact, Bethe ansatz solution, the model and its generalizations soon became popular objects of study in mathematical physics. Later, when new techniques allowed for the creation of (quasi-)1D systems in the lab, the Lieb-Liniger model found experimental use and became even better known.

In the meantime, Lieb and collaborators had moved on, and were rigorously studying interacting bosons in 2 and 3D. Without the availability of exact solutions, rigorous results were much more difficult to acquire, and a popular goal was the rigorous derivation of the ground state energy of gases of bosons in various settings in 2 and 3D. Many of the results focused on the dilute limit, in which the density of the boson gas is very low.

Somehow, Bose gases in 1D were excluded from this development. Of course, the original Lieb-Liniger model provided a solvable example, but we can nevertheless use insights from the 2 and 3D approaches to prove new results about the ground state energy of dilute Bose gases in 1D.

In the talk, I will review the developments above, and explain the new results.