20/02/2023: Jan Derezinski @ Polimi

February 20, 2023
Aula Consiglio VII Piano, Politecnico di Milano
Edificio 14 (Nave), Campus Leonardo

SPEAKER: Jan Derezinski (University of Warsaw)

Schrödinger operators with singular boundary conditions

In order to define a differential operator on a domain with boundary one often needs to specify boundary conditions. In the presence of singular terms this can be quite tricky. It may lead to interesting and surprising phase diagrams. I will illustrate this with the so-called perturbed Bessel operators, that is one-dimensional Schrödinger operators on the half-line of the form $ – \partial_x^2 + (m^2 – 1/4) 1/x^2 + Q(x) $.

The talk will be based on my joint work with Jeremy Faupin.